What Gadgetry Did You Get?

Now is the time you share what cool gadgets you got for Christmas (or whatever gift exchange holiday you celebrated in the last week).  I love to hear what gizmos, widgets and doodads you got to open and are now playing with.  Also, any reviews of these items?  I’d love to hear from those of you that might have gotten a Kindle Fire, Nook, a new smartphone, computer and especially any toy – a real toy (lego, RC, ya know, toy). Come on, share below in the comments section!!

Myself?  I really am not all that concerned about my weight.  I’ve been blessed with a pretty humming metabolism and have been 180-190lbs all my life, but I do love a gadget.  Particularly one that communicates wirelessly, graphs information and has an associated app.  So, my wife’s gift to me this year of a Withings Body Scale pretty much checks off all my boxes.  This thing measures your weight, fat percentage and calculates your Body Mass Index and then via your WiFi, sends the info back to a website where you can access and track all of it via a browser or application (iOS and Android).  Setup was a breeze and the app even will send you a push reminder at a set time each day to weigh yourself.  Yes, it’s an expensive scale – but for me that wasn’t the point… It’s the gadget…  sad, I know.

For my wife, who works from home, I got her the gift of improved audio quality.  She has suffered from listening to the saddest pair of computer speakers you’d ever listen to.  She loves to turn on Spotify or our iTunes collection and rock out at her desk, but with what she was using it was more like ‘paper cup and a string’ level of audio quality than “rocking out”.  So, I bought her what I think are the best self-powered speakers for the money you can find.  The AudioEngine A2 are as wonderful a pair of speakers as your going to find for $200 and take up such a small footprint.  Audioengine is a great American speaker company that isn’t using drivers off the shelf, nope, these are all custom made for them.  Audioengine makes larger powered (A5) and passive speakers (A4), wireless connections and even a subwoofer.  I’m really picky about speakers, and until my personal favorite, Gallo Acoustics makes a self powered version of their Nucleus Micro, the A2’s are the way to go… totally #peterapproved

But maybe the best gift was the Belkin iPad Kitchen Cabinet Mount I got the wife.  She loves to cook and has taken to using her iPad for recipes and stuff.  But with limited counter space, its always in the way and in danger of getting goop spilled on it.  So this setup allows her to temporarily hang it from a cabinet and out of the way.  It’s well made and a pretty smart design.  It will hold different tablets than just iPad, and it will even adjust down small enough to hold an iPhone or other smartphone.






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