This is What Happens When Hillbillies Use Facebook

(peet: Facebook may want to consider some sort of aptitude testing for new users.  I know it will slow growth and kill the IPO, but it might have prevented this sad tale )

Marvin Potter, 60, of Moutain City, TN is in jail.

Potter is charged with the murders of two adults who previously notified police that Potter’s daughter, Jenelle, had been harassing after they had un-friended her from their Facebook accounts.

Billy Payne Jr, and his girlfriend Billie Jean Hayworth, both were shot in their home last week, allegedly by Potter.  Their eight month old baby was found unharmed in Hayworth’s arms.  Jamie Curd was also charged in the killings, reportedly was someone who had “romantic feelings” towards Janelle.

Let’s review

  • Marvin Potter – accused of murder of two people
  • Janelle Potter – daughter of Marvin, allegdgely harassed the two dead people after Facebook diss
  • Billy Payne Jr – dead boyfriend, Facebook disser #1 of Jenelle
  • Billie Jean Hayworth – dead girlfriend, Facebook Disser #2 of Janelle
  • Jamie Curd – overly protective suitor of Janelle, also charged in the murders

There is currently no information as to why the Facebook spat was so bad that Potter and Curd felt it necessary to kill the couple, or how the murders took place.  Billy Panye Sr, was the last to see them alive when he saw Hayworth get up at 5:30am to feed the baby.  It wasn’t until more than five hours later the bodies were discovered by neighbors.

Potter, charged with first degree murder and Curd are both in jail with $200,00 bond.

(peet: I would like to point out that while death is extreme, Panye and Hayworth certainly poked Karma in the eye by dooming their baby to parents both named “Billy”) (edit #2, I need an aptitude test for the awful grammar in the original posting….sorry was going fast and didn’t proof)

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