Boys Will Be Boys (2012 edition)

A middle school in Mexico has a situation on its hands unlike most.  A porn video was made in one of its classrooms, by some of its sixth graders.

A parent of one of the students saw the video on the internet (peet: how this parent “found” this video hasn’t been explained, but an answer would be interesting) and reported it to authorities.

In the video, apparently taken in an empty classroom back in April, three boys are seen engaging in oral and anal (!?!?!?) sex while a fourth student is filming.  The students have been identified, no action has been taken against them – but it appears that no teacher or adult was involved.

An investigation is underway and the students have been sent to psychological counseling.

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When Students Find Your Porn Past

31 year old Stacie Halas has been fired from her gig as a science teacher in Oxnard, CA after some of her students found clips of her starring role in a porn movie.

Earlier this month some of her students found the movie clips online, how or why they discovered them has not been revealed, where Halas is a customer for a home pizza delivery service called “Big Sausage Pizza”.  She reportedly also appeared in other porn movies under the stage name, Tiffany Six.

She was suspended after the revelation, but this week was formally fired after a unanimous school board vote.  Halas filmed the movies before her teaching career, and did nothing illegal, but the school board found that her involvement was against the districts “moral turpitude” code.  The school was forced to monitor all online activities and encourage parents to keep children from searching the internet for the content.


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Los Angeles Just Ruined Porn

The city council of Los Angeles yesterday mandated that actors of adult videos wear condoms during sex scenes.

The vote comes (peet: giggle) after a debate over how to enforce such a law and the threat from the adult film industry to pack up and move their business to another city.  The council passed the vote 9-1 in hopes of giving actors protections from filmmakers who insist that condoms are not wanted in sex scenes by their customers.

This vote precludes an initiative to actually place the issue on a ballot that would have cost the city $4 million to hold.  There is now a measure to prevent porn producers from simply moving outside the city into LA County.

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