Pro Wrestler Loses Ball

John Levi Miller, 23, had to retire from the ‘sport’ of pro wrestling way too early for such an aspiring career.

Miller, who wrestled under the name, “The Playboy J-Millz” had a testicle ruptured, and later removed, after being unexpectedly kicked in the groin by Clinton “Guido Andretti” Woosley in a match that Miller was scripted to win.  He contends that Guido actually ignored the plan and worked to win the match with the swift kick to the undercarriage.

Miller filed a lawsuit this week against the former opponent and the promoter of the match claiming, “negligence and breaching their duty to ensure that Woosley was adequately trained and understood the “moves” intended to entertain the crowd and still deliver the match’s predetermined outcome”.  The promoter claims that Miller has his facts wrong and finished the match without complaining to anyone that he’d been injured.

Miller claims he applied ice to the testicle that night at home, but went to the hospital the next day where doctors determined it needed to be removed.

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