Pit Bull Is a Hero, Yes – Hero!

Pit Bulls generally end up in the news because one eats a small human.

But Lilly, an eight year old Pitt is the bravest of dogs and was willing to sacrifice her life for that of her owner.

Lilly’s owner is an alcoholic.  She somehow ended up on train tracks in the middle of the night and fell unconscious on the tracks.  Lilly, realizing an approaching train pushed or pulled her owner off of the tracks and ended up being hit by the train herself suffering critical injuries.  The owner was unharmed in the incident, but Lilly’s injuries were severe – she lost a front leg, but will survive.

Lily’s story has touched many people and more than $55,000 has been raised to help pay for her $15,000 vet bills that have piled up.  The extra money will go towards the expenses of other animals.

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Two Words: Puppy Throwing

Its not quite “Cat Juggling”, but a woman was arrested Friday for throwing puppies in her part of a domestic dispute case in Minnesota.

The couple, Gabrielle Tywon Allen and David Peter Remme were seated in their pickup truck when an argument started.  At some point the man reached over and punched the woman, breaking her nose.  He got out and then the woman picked up each of the three week old pit bull puppies and threw them at the man out the window.  The puppies were unharmed which means her charges of animal cruelty will not be of the felony level.  But both the man and woman are in jail.

One report comments that it was a year to the day that another woman was arrested for throwing a puppy at her boyfriend.  In March, 2011 Holly Boyd was arrested in the same area for throwing a Chihuahua pup after finding out he was cheating on her.

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I Don’t Even Know How to Title This One

Ian Summers, 30, decided that he wanted to bring a prostitute into a Orange County, FL home, but knew that he first had to address the issue of his overly aggressive pit bull.

The pit, perfectly named “Fiesty”, had bitten several people recently, although “attacked” is probably a more accurate description.  One included a 2 year old nephew that lost a hunk of flesh from under his arm after meeting Fiesty.

Summers himself admits he is terrified of the animal, but when he brought the prostitute, Robin Johnson (yes, that is her mugshot to a previous arrest below) to a home on Feb 10th, Summers thought it was a good idea to get the two properly acquainted first so that Fiesty wouldn’t be aggressive, but he claims that upon opening the door to the room the dog saw Johnson and attacked her.

Summers then inexplicably simply closed the door to the room and left the house, leaving Johnson to be mauled by the dog.  She ended up having her left leg amputated below the knee and the left arm surgically removed below the elbow.  “When he attacked I did not want to be anywhere near that dog, he scares the death out of me,” Summers reportedly told deputies, “so I left and closed the door.”

It turns out that the home that Summers took Johnson reportedly for sex and some crack smoking wasn’t even his house.  He was a previous tenet that had moved out after a November drug raid.

While Johnson is in a coma, minus two limbs, Summers is in jail facing charges of second-degree felony charge of burglary of an occupied dwelling, as well as culpable negligence.

via Sun Sentinel, Daily Mail

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Dangling a Kid Over a Pit Bull

22 year old Chavis Junior really is protective of his car and thinks youngsters should respect their elders.  Really.

But Junior is also a guy familiar with the law, owning at least 23 arrests for differing crimes: disorderly conduct, threatening a public official, starting a riot, drug charges, discharging a firearm in city limts, resisting arrest, assault and battery… just to name a few

So when a group of kids got too close to his beloved car, kicked dirt on it and then cursed at him – Junior was exactly the guy they didn’t want to do that to.  His response?  Chavis grabbed one of the kids and dangled him over a chained and “aggressive” pit bull.

The pit bull was only able to reach the shirt of the kid, and did not bite him. He held him over the dog long enough to make his point, but the police were called and Junior was charged with assault and battery of the 3rd degree.

He’s now in jail as it also turned out he also had outstanding bench warrants.

The kid, will never be the same.

via wbtv

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Soap Actor Kills Self Over Dog

The little known actor, Nick Santino, seen on soaps like “All My Children” and “Guiding Light” has killed himself after having his beloved dog, Rocco, euthanized just a few days ago.

Santino reportedly had the healthy dog put down because the apartment building he was living in had placed new restrictions on animals, and specific ones on pit bulls, which is the breed Rocco happened to be.  Friends say that because Rocco was already present in the building, he was grandfathered in, but the supervisor and other neighbors were complaining about Rocco.  Fines were placed on Santino for Rocco’s barking, despite the fact that friends claimed that Rocco didn’t bark, wasn’t aggressive and was a kind, loving animal.

Apparently all of this became too much for Santino who caved into the pressure and had Rocco put down on Tuesday.  Completely despondent over his decision, Santino overdosed on pills and was found dead the next day.  A sucide note was found where Santino’s guilt is apparent,

“Today I betrayed my best friend and put down my best friend.  Rocco trusted me and I failed him. He didn’t deserve this.”

Rooco had been cremated and so will Santino.  There ashes will be “reunited”, which maybe means they will mix them together?  hmm…

Oddly there is no mention as to why he didn’t just move…



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The Wall Was 10ft For a Reason, Idiot

A would-be burglar decided that the best avenue to victimize a Seattle area home was to scale the 10ft wall that surrounded the back yard.

But Wednesday night at 9pm, once over the fence and dropping himself into the yard, he was greeted by the homeowners four pit bulls.

He was badly mauled and the commotion alerted the homeowner who came outside, probably allowed the attack to continue for a while, then called off the dogs. Because the man was injured so badly he could not walk, the resident put the guy on a hand truck and pulled his bleeding body to the street where he flagged down a passer by to call 9-11.

The man was treated for puncture wounds to his face, head, arms and torso.  And particularly extensive damage to an ear.

While the dogs were placed into quarantine, they are expected to be cleared and are part of any routine dog biting investigation.  The home owner is in a bit of trouble as city ordinance allows for only three dogs per home.


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