Hey Kid, Don’t Punch the Superhero

You may or may not be aware that there is a guy running around the Seattle area claiming to be a super hero.  He goes by the name “Phoenix Jones“, has a costume and the whole bit.  (from the video, it looks like Seattle might have a whole Justice League of crime fighters)

Jones has turned his persona into a bit and makes appearances at schools and other functions and yesterday was another stop to speak to the kids.  He was answering questions about his “armor” and how it’s rubberized, bulletproof and protects him from punches and impacts.  The kids began to ask Jones if they could punch him to test the getup, and he invited a kid to give it his best shot.  The kid’s mom was there and described it this way,  “My child gets up in front of him and (Phoenix) says to him, ‘OK, give me all you got…give me your best punch, but wait, but don’t do it too hard, you might get hurt.’ ”

So, the 11 year old, Noah, did just that and ended up with a broken finger , swollen hand and is now in a soft cast and is awaiting more X-rays.

The mom isn’t too angry at Phoenix Jones, but thinks that he shouldn’t be inviting kids to hit him as hard as they can.  The kid isn’t mad either but understands that he made a bad choice, “I shouldn’t punch a superhero as hard as I can,” he said.

Jones wasn’t available to defend himself or responded to interview requests.

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Satan Would Be Oh So Proud

Sergio Velderrain just purchased a first class ticket to the warm confines of hell.

The Phoenix man is accused of peeing on his 4 month old son…

…and laughing about it…

His wife, Jennifer, called police after waking to the sounds of what she thought was “running water” only to find her husband, drunk, urinating in the corner on their son sitting in the stroller.  She claims the boy was “choking on the pee” and that Sergio was, “laughing hysterically about it” and told her that, “now he has something to remember his dad by”.

Sergio was arrested later at a nearby apartment where he claimed he was drunk after drinking two Four Loko beverages and awoke to his wife shaking him.  He thought he had been urinating in the toilet, but Jennifer claims that she is convinced that he committed the act as revenge after an earlier argument.

Sergio was charged with felony child-abuse.

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