Why You Don’t Tell People You’re Sporting A Strap-on

Pauline Davis filed a federal civil suit this week claiming her employer allegedly fired her after finding out she was wearing a protestic penis to work.

Davis is contemplating gender re-assignment surgery and while working at the J&J Snack Foods plants as a packer/line inspector (peet: so. many. jokes.) she made the mistake of confiding to a co-worker that she was wearing the penis as a trial – to see how it feels to have that extra stuff in the pants.

Being the gossip mongers food packing workers can be, word got out and eventually to management and she was shortly fired.

Her attorny, Lalena J. Turchi, making a vigorous case (one that she could have never predicted in law school) claimed that the attachment, “was heavily concealed and in no way interfered with her ability to do her job.”  She also claims that there was a male employee who was openly cross dressing and known to be taking hormone treatments and was receiving a better reaction in the work place.   “[Ms. Davis] was subjected to disparate and discriminatory treatment for being a female, and for being a female who identified with the male gender,” Tuchi says in the lawsuit.

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