I. Must. Have. Now.

An awesome listener once purchased as a gift for me a small RC helicopter, the “Blade MCX“, that I flew around my house and still to this day get hours of enjoyment from.

But after seeing this video, I think this is something I can’t hope for the generosity of another.

Ever dream of spy missions on your neighbors, a bird’s eye view of the hot co-ed’s next door in the swimming pool (no?) well check out the new A.RDrone 2.0 from Parrot.  This is the sequel to the A.RDrone, but this one features a HD video camera (running at 720p resolution) and you can record your flight videos and share them.  And yes, you control the darned thing with your smartphone (iOS and Android).

Watch the demo video.  Of course the idea of these things flying around in mass raises a lot of terrible scenarios and I am pretty sure that if I flew mine up to a little kid or pretty girl, I’d make a mistake and maul their face off with one or all four of the rotor blades…

$299 in Q2 of 2012 at select retailers.  #peterapproved


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