When Students Find Your Porn Past

31 year old Stacie Halas has been fired from her gig as a science teacher in Oxnard, CA after some of her students found clips of her starring role in a porn movie.

Earlier this month some of her students found the movie clips online, how or why they discovered them has not been revealed, where Halas is a customer for a home pizza delivery service called “Big Sausage Pizza”.  She reportedly also appeared in other porn movies under the stage name, Tiffany Six.

She was suspended after the revelation, but this week was formally fired after a unanimous school board vote.  Halas filmed the movies before her teaching career, and did nothing illegal, but the school board found that her involvement was against the districts “moral turpitude” code.  The school was forced to monitor all online activities and encourage parents to keep children from searching the internet for the content.


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