Wiener Dog, LSD and Nudity

Sunday night north of Atlanta cops received calls of a naked man and woman running along a road.

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That would be Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes who would go onto to run home naked, and were in the buff when cops knocked on the door.  According to police the pair was “tripping pretty hard” on LSD.

Just to make a funny story about LSD into a tragic story, it turns out the couple also had given some LSD to their dachshund, “Oscar” (wiener dog, get it? boy,  LSD does unleash one’s creative juices!).  Oscar escaped and wasn’t found until after it had been hit by a car and injured.  Oscar survived, but condition is unknown.

The couple arrested on drug charges, and likely animal abuse charges – but probably not for the lame-ass naming of the dog, the LSD part.


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