This is Too Much Mothering

32 year old Mistie Atkinson has taken the idea of loving her teenage son too far.

She was arrested on charges of incest after police found her in a hotel room with her 16 year old biological son.  Not only incest, but she additionally faces specific charges of oral copulation, contact with a minor and sending harmful material.  The latter charge stems from the police finding videos on Atkinson’s cell phone of the pair in different sexual acts and a series of text messages between the two.  The messages were sexually explicit, contained nude pictures and discussed the idea of the pair running away together.  Police believe that Atkinson began sending the boy texts and pics of herself back in December of last year.

The boy is now in the custody of his father and Atkinson is in jail on $200,000 bail.  The boy’s father has full custody and has told police he understands that Atkinson is his mother, but it is unknown how much contact the two had prior to this affair.  Atkinson now also has a restraining order against her.

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That’s Not How You Check A Person’s Vitals

Hal Lavaun Weston does not appear to have been listening during ER technician school, or got it mixed up with his gay prostitute lessons.

A man who had been arrested during a trespassing call, passed out while in route to the jail and was transported to the hospital where Weston worked.  The prisoner was receiving medical treatment in an examination room that was curtained.

The policeman on guard pulled back a curtain to check on the prisoner/patient and found Weston performing oral sex on the unconscious man.

Weston was immediately fired from his job and was charged with forcible sodomy, a first degree felony.

Police believe that there are no other similar victims and maybe a one-time occurrence.  Weston has cooperated with police.



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That is Not What Puppies Are For

Thurman McGriff

Thurman McGriff, 54, of Phoenix is accused of several charges.  You can decide for yourself which is the more disgusting.

  • Exposing himself to an adult
  • Exposing himself to a 9 year old boy
  • Threatening to molest the little boy
  • Accused of using a puppy to simulate oral sex

The last two are connected as McGriff reportedly threatened to molest the kid if he didn’t stop watching him as he allegedly used the puppy’s mouth to simulate the act.

via, Phoenixtimes

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