Peeping Tom Punch Out

Zachary Van Zandt, 21, of Ohio, has told police that he has a “sexual implies problem” and was to have started counciling in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime he’s been spending his time acting as a Peeping Tom in the dressing room area of his local Target.

He was arrested over the weekend after his cell phone was taken from him as he stuck it under the door of a dressing room to take a pic of Nancy Yingling.  The women not only grabbed the phone, but then confronted Van Zandt who tried to forcibly take back the phone, only to have Yingling push him and punch him in the face a few times.   Van Zandt went down and was later arrested with charged with voyeurism and tampering with evidence.

Police report that Van Zandt admitted to doing this same trick four or five other times at other stores in the area.  More charges are expected.  A local official told the media, “He told us he was on his way to an AA meeting when he spotted a ‘good opportunity to get some video’.


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The Evil Powers of Truth or Dare

20 year old Cody Blankenship was teetering on the edge of appropriate relationships when he was hanging out at his 16 year old girlfriend’s house.

There are conflicting stories, but what we do know is that not only was Cody involved with a 16 year old girl, the girl has a 12 year old cousin that somehow also caught Cody’s eye.

Cody’s version of events is that the three were playing “truth or dare” when the girlfriend dared him to have sex with her barely teenaged cousin.  The 16 year old claims she didn’t dare or ask Cody to do anything.   The parents of girl claim to have found condoms in the room she was sharing with the 12 year old girl, and that she admitted to having sex with Cody on three different occasions.  They claim there are “stains on the mattress” and Blankenship denies ever being with the younger girl, police believe they were together twice.

Mark Gowers, Cody’s father, is defending his son, “I know my son wouldn’t do anything. I mean, I wouldn’t be sitting on camera saying if I had a doubt, but I have no doubt whatsoever. My son would never do nothing like that.”

There is no mention of Cody’s relationship with the 16 year old which in the state of Ohio is legal, but he has been charged with two counts of child molestation.

via WLKY (w/ video report)

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