Its Bad When the Teacher Bullies You

A 10 year old boy was sprayed with Febreze by his teacher after he came to school smelling like fried fish.

He did smell like fried fish because his mother had made it for his lunch, and when he returned to school the students and teacher knew it.

Christian Roberts came home that day and told him mom that the teacher left him in the hallway for a full period of school, and sprayed him down with the Febreze.  He says it started with the students laughing and teasing him over the odor.

The mother was furious, called the teacher for an apology, but she alleges that the teacher hung up on her.  The mother feels like her child was bullied by not just the students, but the teacher too.  And she’s none too happy about it: “I want her fired …I don’t want it to happen to any other child — no child deserves to go through that,”

The principal reportedly told the mother that people make mistakes and also offered no apology.

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