Kindle Fire – Not So Hot?

**Update*  NY Times is reporting Amazon will provide an update within the next two weeks…

Amazon expects to ship five million of their Kindle Fire tablet/reader before the end of the year, but they have some seriously unhappy people who have already been using the new device.

The internet is littered with complaints about the device.  Topping the list are a poorly placed off switch, no external volume, screen brightness, bad wi-fi connectivity and a buggy web browser.  There is a lack of a parental control so a search for “teen fiction” returns a search result filled with – porn.

Amazon is promising an update very soon to address many of these issues, but the volume and off switch issues are hardware related and not easily fixed.

I’ve been asked several times about the Fire vs the Nook, and I’ve generally suggested the Fire because it has a direct connection to so much media thru Amazon, which the Nook doesn’t have, but you may want to wait for the update to see how effective it is.  I have to believe that as the price drops and the update(s) come, it will turn into a good value in time.

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