Congrats On Setting Drug Mule Record!

Saturday at Dulles Airport in DC a record was set.

Most heroin ever recovered from a human stomach.  180 thumb-sized pellets!!

The Nigerian woman, Bola Adebisi,52, arrived from Nigeria claiming to visit her brother.  She was unable to provide details about where she was staying or other info that made the customs agents suspicious.  Even more so was the state of her stomach, which felt oddly “rigid” and led to an x-ray.  That revealed the pellets stuffed in her guts.

She was admitted into a hospital where she eventually passed all the pellets (for those wondering, that means she pooped them all out),  and four pounds 12 ounces of heroin pellets were presented (peet: that’s an idea gig for Mike Rowe).

“The amount of pellets and heroin this woman ingested is incredible, a serious health risk, and very troubling if these numbers become the new normal,” said Christopher Hess, CBP Port Director for the Port of Washington, D.C.

Adebisi beat the previous record of heroin pellets ingested for muling by 81.  The previous mark of 100 was set last year by a Nigerian man.


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