Ya, It IS ah Too-mah

(peet: Yea!!  A story of natural human deformity!  I loved the midway freakshows as a kid, and now they’re gone all we have is the internet)

In Vietnam, Nguyen Duy Hai has lived a terribly cursed life.  Since the age of four he has battled a tumor that grows from his spine that had been operated on and/or removed multiple times, including in 1997 when the tumor and most of his leg were removed.  The leg was gone but the tumor returned and Hai was unable to find a doctor that would operate on him.

The reason was that the tumor was so large, actually weighing more than the person it was attached to, that the amount of blood loss that would happen with its removal poses a giant risk of bleed out.  Doctors were able to find a work around and after a 13 hour surgery removed the tumor and it weighed 180lbs!!  

Hai can expect the tumor to grow again, but now has a team of doctors that can keep up with it and remove it at a much smaller size.

The tumor had a small piece disected and sent to a lab for reasearch, but the remainder was incinerated (sadly).


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