Eels Aren’t Supposed To Be In Your Butt

A hospital in New Zealand is reporting that it is true they had a male patient that required attention for an “eel inside him”.  And by, “inside him”, they mean in his butt.

The man reportedly showed up at the hospital having to explain that he had an eel up and inside his rectum and after a series of X-rays his claim proved to be true.  Reports are the man underwent a minor procedure to have the “sprig sized” eel removed and he was later released.  There was no explanation of how the eel got in there and the hospital refused to elaborate further due to “patient’s right to privacy”.

If you love a good, “what people have put in their butt only to need it medically removed” story, check out this awesome book, “Stuck Up”.


Death By Coca-Cola…kinda

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New Zealand’s 30 year old Natasha Harris died of a heart attack back in February of 2010.  In that country investigations are organized to explain odd deaths in an attempt to consider future health regulations.  In the case of Harris, it seems pretty obvious what killed her.

The headline of the story is that Harris was a well known Coke addict, not the drug cocaine, but regular Coca-Cola – the soft drink.  She consumed as much as two gallons a day, (equal to 20+ cans) and had been doing so for as long as anyone can remember.  The pathologist in the investigation testified that the autopsy revealed that she suffered from hypokalemia, or low potassium, probably a result of drinking so much cola.  But that’s not the only reason.

Harris also smoked 30 cigarettes a day and when she did eat, she ate very little.

While two gallons of cola is really bad for anyone, excessive amounts of water or milk, or any liquid for that matter, can also be deadly.  So while the idea that someone drank Coca-cola to their death is a pretty good headline, the fact that Harris simply took really overall crappy care of herself is the reality.

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Tranny’s Are Offended By Tampons?

A New Zealand tampon manufacture has caused a ruckus over a TV commercial that shows a woman establishing her real gender over a man, in the same public bathroom dressed as a woman, by brandishing a tampon – a product the cross dresser/transgender obviously doesn’t have a use for.

The drag queen leaves in a huff and the company, Libra, Facebook page is flush with complaints, “I’m not sure what is more disgusting, the blatant transphobia or the inclination that a period is what defines a woman’s femininity,” and, “Having an advertising campaign where some snooty-nosed woman is going to resort to whipping out her feminine hygiene product in the face of someone who doesn’t have a menstrual cycle therefore rendering her a winner, maybe was in bad taste and poor form.”

Wow, people are sensitive, I thought it was funny…

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