Upskirt + Spy Pen = Busted

Its one of those stories that leaves you wondering, but a renown NYC urologist has been arrested for shooting up skirt videos with a spy pen of women on subways.  Dr. Adam Levinson is an award winning surgeon at Mt Sinai Hosptial, an assistant professor of urology at the hospital’s school of medicine and twice won a Patient’s Choice Aware – now has been charged with unlawful surveillance and freed on $15,000 bond.

The discovery came last week when Sheldon Birthwright, 46, a construction worker who once worked for the Transportation Security Administration, said he saw Levinson acting oddly on a subway while he stood next to a woman with a knee-high dress.  He noticed that Levinson was holding a folded newspaper with what appeared to be a ball point pen clipped to the edge.  Holding the paper and pen down by his side, Birthwright realized something was wrong.  “He has a paper in his hand. But what’s mysterious about it, there’s a pen attached to the paper. . . . He has it down in a very unsuspicious way. But every time the woman would move, he would move.”  It was obvious then to Birthwright that what Levinson was doing was taking a sneak peek up the woman’s dress.

When the train stopped, Birthwright followed Levinson and watched him continue the maneuver as he followed the same woman up some stairs, shooting straight up her skirt.  Birthwright found a transit cop and later Levinson was spotted and detained.  Police found a $250 spy pen in his possession and on it was a series of up skirt videos of multiple different women.

Levinson has been suspended from the hospital pending his trial.

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The ‘Ol Fake Daughter’s Death Trick

Joan Barnett is one conniving lady.

The New York City school employee is no longer a NYC school employee after getting caught in a whopper of a lie.

She faked her own daughter’s death so she could take a 2 1/2 week vacation to Costa Rica back in March of 2010.  She actually talked one of her other daughters into calling the school to report that another daughter had suffered a heart attack in Costa Rica and Barnett needed to go to tend to her business.

Barnett even then provided a fake death certificate.

The certificate later was found to be a forgery because school officials became suspicious over mismatched fonts on the documents.  The school district even went so far to try and validate the document with the Costa Rican gov’t who told them it was not real, and that original version had been issued in 2005.

Barnett was fired from her job as a parent coordinator at the High School for Hospitality and Management.  She also plead guilty to document forgery and was sentenced to 10 days community service.

The whole story was first reported Tuesday by the New York Times.


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