Don’t Trust the School Videographer, Ever.

Patrick Lott apparently had a whole lotta people fooled.  A Vice Principal at the New Jersey private Immaculata High School where he also was responsible for video taping the school’s different sporting events (see where this is going)…

… and, allegedly, the boy’s shower stall…

On December 9th, Lott posted this cryptic message on his Facebook page, obviously aware of what was about to happen to him:

“I have always given my best and tried to be a great role model. No one is perfect. Thanks for the memories.”

Last week he was arrested after videos of nude teenage boys, some younger than 16, were found in his home.  Later police found an area in the shower where the camera had been hidden from plain sight.  The videos date back as far as January 2008 and as recent as this year.

Students, parents and co-workers are stunned at the news and almost universally describe Lott as a stand up guy and not the guy you’d suspect of such actions.  He is also a veteran, volunteer, cancer survivor and husband and father.

He once taught wrestling at another high school in the 90’s…Wonder if they need to interview any of those students…

His bond was set at $500,000 and the condition that he have no contact with any minors.

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