“I Ended Up Cooking Her”

David Viens is on trial in the 2009 murder of his wife Dawn.  It’s a big story because the highlight of it all is he cooked, actually boiled down, her remains in a 55 gallon drum and then disposed of them via the grease traps of the restaurant they owned.  There’s a ton of crazy detail to all of this, including Viens suicide attempt in 2011 when he threw himself off a cliff and survived.

It’s a big headline today because the trial started this week, therefore I’m not going to write a long post about it and allow you to click and visit the many other far more detailed descriptions of how David Viens killed then disposed of his wife, Dawn.  The best review comes from The Daily Beast, but there are more links below.


She Killed Me, So Killed Her

Larry Dunn admitted he killed his girlfriend last week – just minutes after having sex – because she’d informed him afterwards that she was HIV+.

Cicely Bolden’s half naked body was found by her two children in their Dallas area apartment as they returned from school.  Earlier that day Bolden had invited Dunn over, they’d recently begun dating, and the two had sex that afternoon.

Dunn – who was arrested, question and gave statements essentially admitting to the crime – told police that after they’d finished she told him she was HIV+, but then tried to soften the blow by telling him “its not that bad”.  Dunn, became upset because she had never told him this before this or anytime prior the pair had sex.  According to the affidavit, “he got up out of bed and walked to the kitchen and got a knife,” and began stabbing her — twice, he told detectives. She put up a brief struggle. Then, she fell to the floor, dead.”

Dunn says that he left the apartment, burned his clothes and stashed the knife in a garbage bin behind a local Waffle House.

“She killed me, so I killed her” Dunn was quoted by police.

He’s in the Dallas County Jail charged with murder.



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Hiring A Hit On A Hitman

Bob Bashara has been charged with solicitation of murder, but that hit would have been on a man accused of killing his wife and currently is in jail.

Bashara reportedly contacted two different people about killing Joesph Gentz, who is currently in jail where he is awaiting a July 23rd court date on the murder of Bashara’s wife, Jane.  Jane was strangled to death in her SUV back in January and Bashara himself has at times been a person of interest in her death after failing a polygraph.  He has never been formally charged in her murder.

Reports are that Gentz was hired by Bashara to kill his wife (for $2000 and an old Cadillac sedan) , and that Bashara was attempting to have Gentz killed to silence him.  Bashara claims he is being framed by someone else, and has his bail set at $15 million.  Bashara seems to have a history of violence, accused of harassing his former mistress and threatening to evict tenants in a building he owns.  Authorities believe that Bashara could easily hire another hit and that several witnesses against him may be in danger if he is allowed to leave jail before his court date.

Both Bashara and Gentz face up to life in prison for their accused crimes.


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The Zombie Apocalypse is Totally Real

First it was the roadside, naked face-eating incident in Miami.  Then it was the suicidal crazy guy stabbing himself and throwing his own intestines and now we have this.

21 year old Alexander Kinyua (left) is being held without bail in Maryland jail after it was discovered that he might have had something to do with the disappearance of his roommate, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie (right).  The man had last been seen leaving his home six days ago for a morning jog, but hadn’t been heard from since.  Agyei-Kodie’s father and brother came to the house to look and the brother discovered two metal tins in the basement with blood out the outside and a head and hands inside.  Kinyua denied any of it was human remains but worked to get rid of it before police could arrive.  Police did find the evidence and Kinyua admitted to not only killing Agyei-Kodie with a knife, cutting him up into pieces – but then consuming Agyei-Kodie’s heart and “portions of his brain”.

The rest of Agyei-Kodie was found in a dumpster because a nearby Baptist church.

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Go Cowboys…. AcK!

Jesse Joe Hernandez, child sex offender and murderer, was executed in Texas this week.

Just before getting his injection he blessed those in attendance and then made the Jones family proud with,

Go Cowboys!


He also spoke after the injection was given and taking hold, claiming, “I can feel it, taste it. It’s not bad.”  Of course it was bad enough it killed him seconds later.

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Today, One Sick Dude Gets Executed

Its been 25 years but today, in Arizona, Robert Moormann will finally have his life ended by the State.

He is 63, looks like a character from a torture porn movie, but is as real as they get.  In what has to be one of the craziest, straight-out-of-a-movie life stories, pretty much set on a course for evil from Day One, Moormann’s is worth a read.

His story is long and detailed, and you can click here and here to read good synopsis’ about Moormann’s history.  But to sum it up for you:

  • Born to a alcoholic teen prostitute in ’48 that died in an accident when he was two
  • Father was abandoned him at birth
  • Was adopted because paternal grandparents were abusive alcoholics
  • Adoptive father died and adoptive mother raised him, but forced him to perform sex acts with her
  • While not retarded, time in school he was classified as such
  • ‘Accidentally’ shot his mother at 13
  • Was sent to a state mental institution after shooting
  • Kidnapped a 8yr neighbor girl, raped her
  • Original plan was to kidnap the mom but chickened out and kid was easier
  • Spent nine years in prison for crime
  • While on a furlough in 1984 his mom came to see him and they stayed at a hotel near the prison
  • She disappeared
  • Police later realized that Moormann had killed her and chopped up her body in the room
  • He claims that he accidentally killed her after suffocating her with a pillow during a sex act
  • He did suffocate her, but also beat and stabbed her to death
  • He was nude while he dismembered her body
  • He disposed of the pieces in the dumpsters behind businesses around town
  • He was found guilty of 1st degree murder and sentenced to death
  • Suffered a stroke in 2007 and is in poor health

Lawyers have tried and failed to get a stay of execution based on claims of his mental status.  They also have tried to convince the clemency board to consider his life long abuse at the hands of his mother.  Moormann claims he does not remember his crime in any detail, “It was me playing with her breasts, and that is the only part I remember,” Robert Moormann said. “I carried her in the bathtub and I knew something was wrong, so I put her in bed. I do not remember cutting her up. Sorry.”


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Hate Uncle? Kill Grandma.

Jasper Aristotle Smiddie, 19, didn’t just murder his grandma, he put a serious amount of effort into the task.

After originally plotting to kill an uncle he was upset with, Smiddie decided that killing his grandmother would be an even greater punishment.  Thinking the uncle would have to live with the death of the grandmother, Smiddie hatched a plan.

Smiddie killed 67 year old Gloria Helfrich first by shooting her in the head with a crossbow, then stabbing her 93 times and then beating her body with a pipe wrench.  He claims to have blacked out and awoken two hours later with blood all over his body.  He then locked the door to the bedroom her body was in, went downstairs and waited for the uncle to come home.  Smiddie then ate dinner and watched TV with the uncle who was clueless that his own mothers was upstairs and dead.

Smiddie was arrested the next day by his girlfriend’s home after calling his own father, who lives in Tampa, to tell him what he’d done.  He was charged with first degree murder.

Teen charged with killing his grandmother with a crossbow:

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This is What Happens When Hillbillies Use Facebook

(peet: Facebook may want to consider some sort of aptitude testing for new users.  I know it will slow growth and kill the IPO, but it might have prevented this sad tale )

Marvin Potter, 60, of Moutain City, TN is in jail.

Potter is charged with the murders of two adults who previously notified police that Potter’s daughter, Jenelle, had been harassing after they had un-friended her from their Facebook accounts.

Billy Payne Jr, and his girlfriend Billie Jean Hayworth, both were shot in their home last week, allegedly by Potter.  Their eight month old baby was found unharmed in Hayworth’s arms.  Jamie Curd was also charged in the killings, reportedly was someone who had “romantic feelings” towards Janelle.

Let’s review

  • Marvin Potter – accused of murder of two people
  • Janelle Potter – daughter of Marvin, allegdgely harassed the two dead people after Facebook diss
  • Billy Payne Jr – dead boyfriend, Facebook disser #1 of Jenelle
  • Billie Jean Hayworth – dead girlfriend, Facebook Disser #2 of Janelle
  • Jamie Curd – overly protective suitor of Janelle, also charged in the murders

There is currently no information as to why the Facebook spat was so bad that Potter and Curd felt it necessary to kill the couple, or how the murders took place.  Billy Panye Sr, was the last to see them alive when he saw Hayworth get up at 5:30am to feed the baby.  It wasn’t until more than five hours later the bodies were discovered by neighbors.

Potter, charged with first degree murder and Curd are both in jail with $200,00 bond.

(peet: I would like to point out that while death is extreme, Panye and Hayworth certainly poked Karma in the eye by dooming their baby to parents both named “Billy”) (edit #2, I need an aptitude test for the awful grammar in the original posting….sorry was going fast and didn’t proof)

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