I would only ask for a retake at the DMV

Lori Ann Fowler is very selective about photos taken of her. So much so, that he called the Winder, Georgia police to complain about her recent mugshot that ended up on the front page of “Bad & Busted”, a website that publishes mugshots.

Ms. Fowler decided that calling 911 would be the fastest and most direct line to file her complaint. She was close. It was the fastest, most direct line to getting another mugshot taken as she was arrested and charged with unlawful use of 911 and disorderly conduct.

She obviously wanted to get rid of the bangs…



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Best. Mugshot. Ever?

Really, this Deltona, Florida man’s story isn’t all that interesting, but his mugshot is rather specatular.

Kelsey Smith was arrested with DUI and resisting arrest.  A stun gun had to be used on him, and a ‘spit hood’ put over his head to prevent him from, duh, spitting at his arresting officers.  He also didn’t want his mug shot taken so it took a couple of officers, with gloves, to hold him still for the Glamor Shot you see below.

Yes, It Happened In Florida.

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