The 2012 Geek Movie Lineup

Wow, what a potentially great year it is for movies that fall into the category of “geek”.  I say potentially because many, if not most of these, may stink.  On the surface, they sound like fun.


Dark Knight Rises – Chris Nolan’s final episode of his Batman movies, this will not stink (July 20)

The Avengers – Marvel gets their heroes in a room, they bicker, they save the world (May 4)

The Amazing Spider Man – Not sure why, but this is getting a re-boot, promising it to be “darker, more serious” (July 3)

The Hunger Games – Based on the very popular books, kids fight to the death ( March 23)

Prometheus – Ridley Scott’s prequel (maybe, but likely) to Alien ( June 8 )

The Hobbit – Peter Jackson returns to direct the prequel story to The Lord of the Rings (Dec 14)

Two competing “Snow White” movies: Snow White & The Huntsman (June 1)

and Mirror-Mirror (Mar 16)

Brave – Pixar’s next movie, about an Irish girl who likes to swing a sword (June 22)

Battleship – yes, the board game is now a movie, remember what I said at the beginning about “stinking” (May 18)

The Three Stooges – The Farrley Brothers take on a really tough subject (April 13)

Gravity – Alfonzo Cuaron’s space movie with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock (Nov 21)

And even more that don’t yet have trailers!!

Skyfall – The next Bond movie (Nov 7)

Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter – Based of the loved cult graphic novel, it is as the title suggests (June 22nd)

World War Z – Brad Pitt fights zombies!  Everyone is in the zombie business these days (Dec 21)

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – Lucas screws with the movies again, this time releasing them in 3D (Feb 10)

Dark Shadows – Johnny Depp resurrects the once great TV show (May 11)

The Bourne Legacy – Jeremy Renner takes over in this franchise (Aug 3)

Total Recall – Yes, this classic is being remade with Colin Farrell (Aug 3)