You’ll Never Know There’s a Mouse in Your Mountain Dew

That is actually the defense that PepsiCo is putting forth in a case of a Illinois man who claims that he found a mouse in a can of Mountain Dew.

In 2009 Ronald Ball drank a can of Dew that he purchased from a vending machine, it made him violently ill and as he poured the remaining amount into a cup, a mouse poured out too, as he claims.

But the Madison St Clair Record is reporting that Pepsi has moved to dismiss the case based on the simple fact that a mouse that was trapped in a can of the soda would have dissolved and become a “jelly like” substance long before anyone had a chance to drink the contents.

Which leads to the question, have we all been drinking the dissolved remnants of trapped rodents, bugs or human body parts in Mountain Dew all this time and just not known it?

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