Stolen Credit Cards & Sex Toys

Sarah Monroe

The very lovely Sarah A Monroe or Morris, IL just needed to buy some ‘self-love’ utility devices.

So, she mugged a woman outside a bar by driving up to a woman and asking for a light.  When the woman bent over and leaned into Monroe’s car to do so, Monroe grabbed her purse and drove away – dragging the victim a few yards.  The victim received a few minor injuries, like a chipped tooth, but her credit cards were in her purse.

Monroe then proceeded to purchase some gas for her getaway car, and the surveillance video from that purchase helped police track Monroe down.

When they caught up to her, in a different car, they found two crack pipes and she’d admitted to attempting to purchase not one, but two sex toys at an area adult bookstore only to find out the credit cards had been denied.

Monroe’s defense?  She claims that when the woman leaned into the car for the light, she thought she was going to be robbed and drove off and the credit cards “fell into my car”.

via  Morris Daily Herald  and Suntimes

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