When The Orgy Goes Wrong…In Florida

Tina Michelle Norris, 39, and her boyfriend James Albert Barfield, 56 are the type of couple who are sexually adventurous.  In fact, they are self proclaimed “swingers” and on early Monday morning were in the midst of an all-out orgy at their home when things between the two went sour.

Sunday night Norris returned home with a pair of men, and Barfield a pair of women all of whom were to participate in a sex party in the couple’s home.  While Norris was in the middle of sexual relations with the two men, Barfield was sexing one of his two female guest – the couple saw each other in the act and an argument between the two started.  What the argument was about specifically is unknown, but probably obvious, and it wasn’t long before the argument turned to psychical physical violence.

All of this occurred while a roommate, who was awoken by the commotion, walked out of her room to see Norris and Barfield,  “pushing and shoving each other from one end of the house to the other (while) breaking things in the process.”  She pulled Barfield off of Norris, but just returned to being going after Barfield and the fight continued until the pair finally separated and went into separate bedrooms.

What happened with the four sex party attendees?  They all left the scene before police could get their identities or statements.  Norris suffered a bloody lip and Barfield scratch marks on his neck and back – apparently from the fight, not the sex.   The pair were arrested at 6am Monday and charged with domestic battery.  Norris was also charged with resisting arrest after refusing to put her clothes back on and according to the arrest report was, “very intoxicated and uncooperative”.  Barfield was also nude when police arrived.