Hey Man, Nice Shot.

Derrill Rockwell had a red bird problem.  That damned bird was always harassing his cats.  So one early morning last October Rockwell spotted the bird about 90 feet from his back porch, sitting on a hill.  Rockwell grabbed his .22 rifle.

He shot at the bird, but he didn’t see it fly away.  But he did hear the moans of a person.

Turns out that Rockwell did shoot at a red bird, it was a woman with a red mohawk.  She was sitting on that hill when Rockwell shot her in the head.  He offered her a wet towel and drove her to the hospital.  But he told police he found her with the wound and had secretly thrown the rifle into the Colorado River.  He later recanted his story because his lawyer claims, he just couldn’t live with the guilt of the injury he’d inflicted on the woman.

Last week he was sentenced to five years probation for felony possession of a weapon by a prior offender (attempted burglary).  Other charges like tampering with evidence, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and false reporting were all dismissed.

The victim?  Her name hasn’t been released, and she left the area.  But police now believe that the woman, 29, was passed out from intoxication when she was shot and may have been under the influence of meth as a small, empty bag with methamphetamine was found in the area she was shot.

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