Bullet via Dumbbell

A 56 year old Modesto man shot himself last week in the freakiest of accidents (or maybe a genius Rube Goldberg suicide machine).

Police report that the man was working out with a dumbbell last Wednesday night when he dropped the weight.  The weight fell to the floor and onto a .22-caliber cartridge.  This type of bullet is different than most and the impact was enough to actually ignite the powder and fire the bullet.  The bullet shot into the man’s shoulder.

Police were suspicious of the story, but admit what he claims is not impossible.  No gun was found, but the did find the casing.  No charges were filed and the man’s injury was minor.

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Teacher-Student To The Extreme

You have to give James Hooker credit.  He cashed in all his chips for this one.

Quitting his jobs as a high school teacher, and leaving his wife, kids and home all so he could “follow his heart” and move into an apartment with an 18 year old senior, Jordan Powers, who attended the school where he taught.

Hooker and Powers met when she was a freshman, but they contend that a relationship didn’t begin until she turned 18.  Powers’ mother, Tammy, has started a Facebook campaign,  ‘James Hooker to Jail Page’, and contends she can prove the pair have been sexually active well before the girl’s 18th birthday.  The girl moved out of her family home last week to move in with Hooker.

Police are investigating the relationship, and the couple know they’ve hurt a lot of people.  Jordan was quoted explaining her feelings about James this way, “[He’s] my best friend. I mean he’s more than just a lover”.


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