What A Nice Time To Cook Some Meth

A Wal Mart in St. Louis County, MO was evacuated after a person that had been detained for shoplifted decided that then was a good time to cook up a batch of meth.

The woman had been detained and held in the store’s loss prevention office.  While awaiting police to arrive she pulled out a 20 ounce soda bottle from her purse and began the process of cooking up an individual sized amount of meth.  Because this in reality is a very dangerous, and potentially explosive situation, the store was evacuated.  A hazmat team was brought in to clean the scene and police found an entire collection of meth making materials in the woman’s car.

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Is That a Meth Lab in Your Pants?

Last week a man was chased and arrested by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol after a routine traffic stop.

Why would you flee from such a small violation?  Because you have a meth lab in your pants.  Duh.

During the stop the officer noticed an odd chemical smell.  Upon asking the suspect about it, the man, David Williams, turn and ran.  When the officer caught up to him a struggle ensued and during the ruckus the contraption actually exploded.  The setup is called a “one-pot” lab, and is for the manufacture of only a very small amount of the drug.  The simple list of ingredients and parts: drain cleaner, lithium batteries and decongestants found in common cold medicines such as Sudafed.

Williams and the officer both were unharmed and the man was arrested and booked on a drug charge.



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The Family That Makes Meth Together

Yes, it Happened In Florida.

In Dixie County, Fl (no less) police arrested Allen J. Brannin, 54; his daughter, Amy M. Brannin, 34; her son, Austin J. Brannin, 18; and Tyler W. Cannon, 18, who is closely related to the Brannins all for manufacture of methamphetamine.

“This is the first time that I know of that we’ve arrested three generations all at once like this,” said Maj. Scott Harden of the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office.

A search warrant was being served at the home when the lab was found and all the family members were arrested.


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Please, Don’t Drive & Make Meth

36 year old Clifford Ellison is dead.

Police thought it was a result of the car accident he had been in, but something seemed odd to police.  Witnesses reported that there had been “some sort of commontion” in the car before the accident.  Police also found out there had been a 2nd person in the car, who fled after the wreck.

Evidence and investigation revealed that what actually killed Ellison was the fatal neck wounds he suffered when the bottle of of meth he was trying to mix as he was driving exploded and the shards of glass jammed into his throat. 

It seems the two men were trying the old “shake and bake” version of meth where the chemicals are mixed into a glass liquor bottle, and obviously is the cheap, low effort way of making meth.  It is very dangerous and needs only a bottle and a few different chemicals.  Certainly the resulting product is a bit down the quality scale than Jessie and Mr White’s “Blue Ice” from Breaking Bad.

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The Most Determined Meth Cook Ever?

Meet the lovely Elizabeth Alisha Halfmoon.  She is 46 and is from Tulsa, OK.

She went to a local Wal-Mart and picked up a few things from around the store – some sulfuric acid and starter fluid – and headed to the bathroom.  All the while, store security was watching Ms. Halfmoon via the store’s monitoring system.  The other odd note was that she’d been in the store for almost six hours.

Halfmoon was then confronted as she began the process for what she thought was to make meth.  Yes, she’d tried to use a Wal-Mart bathroom as a meth lab.  Problem is that she was no Jesse Pinkman.  In fact she’d forgotten the main ingredient,  pseudo ephedrine, and hadn’t gotten all that far into the process when security arrived.

Not knowing what she was doing one guard was throwing away one of the bottle when the mixed chemicals burned through the bottle and then his glove, burning his hand.  He was treated at the scene.

Halfmoon had recently been arrested in a ‘smurfing’ ring – people hired to gather the maximum amount of cold medicine allowed to be purchased by an individual at one time (those medicines with pseudo ephedrine are now sold only behind the counter)  – and had been recently released from jail.

I guess she decided she could just go from smurf to Mr. White, but any Breaking Bad fan knows just how complicated meth making really is…  But points to Alisha for using a Wal-Mart bathroom for more than pooping and illicit sex acts.

(thnx Rick B for the tip)

via Fox23, Tulsaworld

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