Not Drunk, Just Giant Boobs

Maureen Raymond was pulled over in Jensen Beach, FL last weekend when she was spotted speeding and weaving through traffic.

When police interviewed her along the side of the road and insisted that Raymond submit to a sobriety test, because of the obvious odor of alcohol, she offered a warning before walking the line.  Telling police that they, “…needed to understand that she is big-chested” and “she is not going to balance well” Raymond might be the first person to use the “massive breasts” defense in trying to get out of a DUI.

Of course she failed to walk the line even close to straight and obviously, if she couldn’t walk a straight line because of her sizable sweater meat, she was doomed to try the “stand on one leg” test.

This lead to her beginning to take off clothes in an attempt to prove to the police just how big her boobs are.

She was arrested and charged with DUI, and not for having breast too big to drive.


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