The Woman Eating Elevator *updated*

Suzanne Hart via Facebook

**Update** New York Times identified the victim as 41 year old Suzanne Hart, an executive at an ad agency that was housed in the building.  Ironically that company, Young & Rubicam, had recently announced a pending move from the building to a new headquarters.

The incident has been further clarified that Hart had stepped into the elevator on the first floor when her foot/leg became caught in the closing doors and the elevator began to quickly rise, pulling her body into the shaft and killing her instantly.  Contrary to earlier reports the other two people in the car were not injured but were taken to a hospital to be evaluated for psychological trauma.


Like something out of a “Final Destination” or “Saw” movie, a person was killed in a Manhattan office building.

A woman was stepping onto an elevator when it unexpectedly began to rise without the door closing first.  Her stepping on and the sudden movement was timed so that the woman was crushed between elevator and the ceiling.

Two other people on the elevator at the time reportedly had already suffered injuries but how, and to what extent are not yet known.

The building is located at 285 Madsion.

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