Mr Berndt Will Not Win Teacher of the Year

In a truly horrid story, and after almost a year’s investigation, 61 year old Mark Berndt has been arrested and charged with commiting lewd acts on 23 children ages 7-10.

Berdt, a 30 year veteran teacher in California, appeared on police radar when a photo developer turned over a series of pics of children in differing positions with tape over their mouths and blindfolded.

The pics showed different children with giant Madagascar cockroaches on their faces, and in some girls had a blue plastic spoon with a clear/white liquid substance up to their mouths.  A search of the classroom later turned up a blue spoon which later tested for ….  semen….

While no children came forward and made claims against Berndt, a search of his home turned up over 100 similar photos along with an adult bondage DVD which had similar imagery as found in the pics of the children.  There are pics with Berndt’s arm around some of the children and over the mouths of others.  The acts reportedly took place between 2008-2010.

He was arrested Monday and is facing a $2.3million bail.

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