Not a Zombie, But He Ate Brains

Tyree Lincoln Smith is a guy with a few mental issues, kinda looks like Ricky Williams and now faces charges of killing a man and eating parts of him.

It was back in December when Smith completely lost his marbles and stormed from a cousin’s home in Connecticut claiming that he had “to get blood on his hands” and rambling about the Greek god Athena.

Mission accomplished, Smith came home the next day with blood on his clothes and hands.  He told his cousin that he went to an abandoned building where he fell asleep and was awoken by a hispanic man who asked him to come up to a higher floor in the building.  Smith told her he began to beat the man with an axe shortly after and that the blows to the head were so bad that he smashed the skull and pieces of brain and bone could be picked up and he was able to remove an eye.

Smith the claims he went to a cemetery where he ate the eyeball and brain matter (the eye tasted like an “oyster”).

The body of Angel Gonzalaes was found, decomposed, in the building with the crushed skull and missing parts on January 20th.

Smith had recently taken a bus to Florida and police had been contacted by Smith’s mother who was worried about what her son had done, and Smith was arrested this week in Lynn Haven, FL.  They were able to contact him first by cell phone, discussed the case with them without admitting to anything to police.  But he had confessed to his mother.

He is now in the custody of US Marshals.

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