The Power of Love … and Biting

Thomas Blaylock is in love.  True love.  He wants his wife back even though she bit off a part of his face.

This week Thomas requested a judge to terminate a “no contact order” that was placed on the pair after an altercating between the couple that ended with Thomas losing a chunk of his lower lip.  The couple got into a fight about their marriage last week, and the police report claims that the wife, Ameryst, first punched Thomas in the face and then jumped on top of him.  While mounted, she told him, “If you don’t want me I will make sure no one wants you” and proceeded to gobble down on his face pulling off a significant section of his lower lip.

The lip was damaged badly enough doctors were unable to reattach the separated piece and Thomas appeared in court with a bandage over his lower lip.

The couple claim to want to begin marriage counseling sessions and Thomas not only is not worried for his safety, but needed the order lift so they could attend the sessions together.  The judge changed it to a “no negative contact” order which means that if while together things get heated, she is responsible for leaving before eating another portion of her husband’s face off.  (peet: or something to that effect)


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