“I Ended Up Cooking Her”

David Viens is on trial in the 2009 murder of his wife Dawn.  It’s a big story because the highlight of it all is he cooked, actually boiled down, her remains in a 55 gallon drum and then disposed of them via the grease traps of the restaurant they owned.  There’s a ton of crazy detail to all of this, including Viens suicide attempt in 2011 when he threw himself off a cliff and survived.

It’s a big headline today because the trial started this week, therefore I’m not going to write a long post about it and allow you to click and visit the many other far more detailed descriptions of how David Viens killed then disposed of his wife, Dawn.  The best review comes from The Daily Beast, but there are more links below.


Mr Berndt Will Not Win Teacher of the Year

In a truly horrid story, and after almost a year’s investigation, 61 year old Mark Berndt has been arrested and charged with commiting lewd acts on 23 children ages 7-10.

Berdt, a 30 year veteran teacher in California, appeared on police radar when a photo developer turned over a series of pics of children in differing positions with tape over their mouths and blindfolded.

The pics showed different children with giant Madagascar cockroaches on their faces, and in some girls had a blue plastic spoon with a clear/white liquid substance up to their mouths.  A search of the classroom later turned up a blue spoon which later tested for ….  semen….

While no children came forward and made claims against Berndt, a search of his home turned up over 100 similar photos along with an adult bondage DVD which had similar imagery as found in the pics of the children.  There are pics with Berndt’s arm around some of the children and over the mouths of others.  The acts reportedly took place between 2008-2010.

He was arrested Monday and is facing a $2.3million bail.

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Los Angeles Just Ruined Porn

The city council of Los Angeles yesterday mandated that actors of adult videos wear condoms during sex scenes.

The vote comes (peet: giggle) after a debate over how to enforce such a law and the threat from the adult film industry to pack up and move their business to another city.  The council passed the vote 9-1 in hopes of giving actors protections from filmmakers who insist that condoms are not wanted in sex scenes by their customers.

This vote precludes an initiative to actually place the issue on a ballot that would have cost the city $4 million to hold.  There is now a measure to prevent porn producers from simply moving outside the city into LA County.

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Someone Really Wants A McNugget

Khadijah Baseer really, really, really is a fan of the deep fried lump of mystery meat that is a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget.

She was arrested last week after police were called to a McDonald’s in the Los Angeles area to report a woman that was approaching cars in the drive-thru.  Baseer was allegedly opening the doors on cars in line and offering up a deal – Chicken McNuggets for sexual favors.

What specific sexual acts have not been mentioned, or if she would do different things for a six-piece versus a 10-piece box.

She was arrested and charged with suspicion of prostitution.

(thanks to those of you who sent this in)

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Don’t Leave Your “Bang” Backpack Behind

A Los Angeles were forced to evacuate and close down a section of Union Station Wednesday because a backpack with the word “BANG” printed on it was found unattended.

Found at about 4:50pm by security, they became suspicious and decided the safe move was to get everyone out of the area.  Bomb squad was called in to look into the bag which turned out to not have any thing suspicious, explosive or dangerous inside.

What they did find is that the backpack belongs to someone who’s nickname is, “BANG-BANG”.

So the section of the station was closed for about two hours in total, and authorities would like to return the bag to Bang-Bang, and hit them with it.


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LiLo’s Probation Revoked, again

No, this isn’t old news… I mean it is, but it actually happened again today.  Lindsey’s probation was revoked and she

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 19:  Lindsay Lohan a...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

was placed on bail of $100K, which of course she will somehow pony up and get out later today.

The judge was upset that Lohan hadn’t been living up to the terms of her probation (community service etc) and decided to go through this media circus once again.

Oh, Lindsey’s teeth are really gross.

via NYPost

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