Woman Phones in Terror Threat Against Ex-Booty Call

I imagine that Lizet Sariol is one of those girls you meet that has crazy eyes and you instantly know better than to have sex with her cause it’s just gonna end up in trouble.

Unfortunately for Adnen Mansouri he failed to heed the warnings, hooked up with Sariol on several different occasions and when he’d finally had enough of her and she wouldn’t stop hassling him for another booty-call, he unfriended her on Facebook.

Well, Lizet wasn’t…about…to…put…up…with…that

So, she called the FBI and informed them that Mansouri and his friend were boarding a flight at LAX and she had received threatening texts from them and suggested they were a terrorist threat.

Mansouri and his friend were apprehended before leaving LAX, and told the cops he wasn’t surprised after all the things Sariol had threatened to do to him.

Mansouri then proceeded to show authorities the endless stream of messages she’d left on his Facebook page and the text message he’d received from her,

“Don’t even try to get on the plane(.) called the FBI(.) Sucks to be all of you(.) Hope you all have good attorneys.”

The crazy bitch is now in custody facing all sorts of charges of false information and a $20,000 bond.

Remember, look for the crazy eyes.

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