Where’s Benny?

It has been quite a while, months in fact, that friends and family have been looking for 78 year old Benny Scott.

His wife, Barbara, told people he’d gone to Oklahoma to visit relatives and then other stories.  But the one she wasn’t telling was that his remains were fertilizing her herb garden.

Yup, buried three feet underneath banana peppers, oregano, and basil was Benny who she claims to have found dead back in January after returning home one day.  Claiming that she suffered from impaired judgement due to medications she was taking at the time she decided to bury her husband then and there.  Neighbors tell that Benny suffered from a heart condition and Barbara is sure he died from natural causes.  An autopsy will reveal the cause of death, but for a while people have been wondering of his whereabouts.

The Oklahoma trip story held up because friends suspected that Benny didn’t like living in their current home, which also was across the street from Barbara’s daughter.  But when Benny family began to call from OK and were told that he couldn’t talk due to a throat aliment, they began to worry.  They called police.

Barbara has been charged with improper burial, but future charges could come after the autopsy.

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