It Happened In Florida

Lillian Gomez is a teacher of autistic children at Sunrise Elementary in Kissimmee, FL and she may have made a misstep in trying to get the kiddos to stop eating crayons.

Gomez put hot sauce on the crayons.

This, of course, caused outrage with parents as they cannot understand why a veteran teacher would take such an odd step with children who cannot really express themselves normally.  The hot sauce was traumatic enough that the children refused to touch the crayons for weeks. (peet:  I would like to put out that it obviously worked)

Gomez was suspended and removed from the classroom when district officials found out, but now there is pressure from parents for her to be fired.

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Really Florida? Yeah, it Happened There…

Just when you think the depths of Florida’s ability to churn out a dark, sad news story has been mined…

Margaret Ann O’Neill, 26, of Kissimmee, Florida should make two resolutions for 2012:

  1. Do not fall in love with a married man
  2. Do not attempt to prove that love by having sex with a seven year old girl

Yes, O’Neill was arrested after she admitted she had been manipulated by her married boyfriend, 32 year old Christopher Smith, into performing oral sex on the young girl while he watched as a demonstration of her love for him.  In return he promised O’Neill he would leave his wife and be with her.  She also claimed that she was afraid of what Smith would do to her if she refuse.

Smith was arrested back in early December after another girl he was dating on the side contacted police after Smith had attempted the same offer on her.  After being arrested police found videos on his cell phone of him having sex,  with the same seven year old girl.  To make matters worse, Smith’s wife admitted she’d found the videos on her husband’s cell, but didn’t report it to police because she wanted to “protect the child’s family”.

O’Neill has been booked on five counts of sexual battery on a child and three counts of criminal conspiracy and Smith (aka: Satan) has been charged with 24 counts of sexual battery on a child and other charges.


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