Joe Schmo Promptly Wrecks His Lambo

It seems like such a great idea:  Give away a $300,000+ super car, in this case a lime green  Lamborghini Murcielago  at the halftime of a BYU football game.  Call the contest, “Joe Schmo in a Lambo” and let whatever knucklehead that wins it drive off in a car capable of street performance that could easily kill him.

David Dopp of Utah turned out to be that Joe Schmo and after winning the car on a Saturday, he wrecked it that same Saturday.

“We were coming up a hill, going around a corner; and as soon as we came up the hill, we either hit some black ice or loose gravel or something, and all of a sudden we just started spinning,” Dopp said. “We ended up in a field, and I back-ended a couple of fence posts.”

Dopp also won driving lessons, but he didn’t make time to participate in those before he bent up his prized car.  Luckily he was also forced to have insurance in place prior to taking possession of the 640 horsepower gifted Italian super car.

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