This Picture Does Not End Well

This pic is what happens just before this wild leopard takes a swipe at the man’s head.

Before I show you the resulting pics, you should know that the leopard had been on a three hour rampage in the eastern Indian city of Guwahati and later killed one man.  It was later tranquilized and was to be released at a local wildlife sanctuary.  Reports say that it had been cornered by a crowd in public, likely got scared and decided to fight its way to safety.

The mauled man below, Pintu Dey, survived the attack and claims he was actually trying to save the cat from the police who had lined up to shoot it.  “I pleaded against killing the cat and literally stood between the policemen and the leopard like a shield, and all of a sudden I found myself attacked and blood splattered all over.”

So, gruesome and graphic pics are to be found below… But it ain’t nothing if you’ve seen The Human Centipede.    (thnx Michael for the tip)





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Man Dies By Rats & Their Lack of Tact

An man in an Indian hospital (oh, that explains it) died from wounds suffered from rats that had chewed off his penis.  Arun Sandhukha, 53, had been admitted to the hospital for breathing issues and when his family came to visit a few days later they found him unattended and covered in blood.

He died a day later and is the latest in a long string of on-going issues with Indian public medial care.  Drunk doctors, hospital fires killing patients and now a rat infestation so bad that they are eating on the patients.

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