The Fish That Eats Genitals

Lake Lou Yaeger in Illinois has a new fish swimming around in it, and it’s not one anyone really wants there.  The pacu has been caught by fishermen and spotted by others in the lake starting back in June.  The fish initially was thought to be a piranha, but was confirmed later by officials to be a pacu.  Now, the pacu is famous in fish circles as it comes with a bit of mythos – it reportedly has killed men in the water by biting off their testicles.

The pacu has an amazing array of teeth designed for crushing and cutting.  Known as the “Bull Cutter” in its native Papua New Guinea, the fish has the ability to inflict serious damage to anything it bites.  How the fish got into the the lake in North America is anyone’s guess, but likely illegal dumping.  They normally eat vegetation and snails in the water, but can go after other fish or meat in the water.  It’s just that in certain parts of the world there is this story that the pacu has castrated men in the water, and left them bleeding out.

Illinois officials don’t seem too concerned, but if someone does lose a ball – we’ll let you know.

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Death By Wood Chipper

editor’s note: My apologies in the delay in posting this story, but it still deserves it’s place here.

Richard A Risinger of ALton, Illinois was working a tree trimming site last week when the most awful thing happened.

He was feeding limbs into the massive wood chipper when he clothing got caught in the device.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.  Very dead.

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