Teacher-Student Double Team?

I have always loved a good “Teacher Sexing Up a Student” story, and the sad truth is there is a new one every week or so.  But here’s a twist that I haven’t yet seen.

Gay Davidson-Shpard is a retired teacher in the Huntington Beach area and was accused last spring of molesting a 17 year old boy.

But the twist is that the boy was a student in her husband’s science class and that Davidson-Shepard AND her husband had been having encounters with the boy of a year and a half period.  The two were arrested last spring and were charged with multiple felony counts, including oral copulation of a minor (oh!), sodomy of a person younger than 18 (ack!) and contributing to the delinquency of a minor (hmmm.).

Both were re-arrested last week after it was found the two were again texting the kid and calling him.

I’m not sure who’s more messed up.. The married teacher couple, or the kid for getting it on with this old bag… ick.

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