Sex Toy + Butt x Surprise = Wife Beating

Hugo Alquicira is a man who simply didn’t want anything in his butt.  Is that so much to ask?

But burning your wife with an iron in retaliation isn’t the right way to react to such a surprise.  But that is what Hugo has been accused of doing and was charged with aggravated assault on his wife, Maria Isabel Puente.

The story, it seems, is that he became enraged after she penetrated his backdoor with a sex toy, assumably without his knowledge.  He admits pushing her, but denies the burns and bruises are from his use of an iron, but from her falling from holding onto his car in a fight the previous night.  The problem is that his own kids testified they saw him with the iron, and he threatened to kill them if they talked to police.

Now if, in fact, Maria did shove something in his butt without his prior consent, is that a sexual assault?  Hmm.  Legal experts, where are you?  But from the mug shot to the right, he still looks pissed, and as someone that also doesn’t want something entering what I think is “exit only”, I understand.

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