Death By – Poisoned Cat Meat

Long Liyuan

Alternate Title: “Who Knew You Had to Poison Cat Meat to Make it Deadly to Eat?”

The Chinese news is on fire with the news that a Chinese billionaire has died after reportedly being poisoned by a business rival over a dinner of stewed cat meat.

Long Liyuan, 49, was having a business dinner with local official Huang Guang and a third man who all ate differing amounts of the slow-boiled cat meat stew, which – apparently – is a southern Chinese delicacy (oh lord, really? slow boiled?)

The Long and Guang were meeting over a contract when Long became dizzy and sick and was taken to a hospital where he went into cardiac arrest and died.  After initially thinking it was a simple case of the restaurant offering up unsanitary food further investigation revealed that the cat meat had been laced with the herb Gelsemium elegans, which is a poisonous plant from forests in China.

While all three men ate the same meal, Long reportedly ate more than the others.  One guy because he didn’t like the taste of the stew because it was more bitter than it should be, and the other, Guang, because he was trying to kill someone with it.


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