We Got Multiple Severed Body Parts!

*update*  now a pair of feet have also been found!

Yesterday dogs found a severed human head in the area around the famed Hollywood sign.  The head was in a plastic bag and found on a trail near the sign.

Today a further search with cadaver dogs discovered a severed hand about 50 yards from where the head was found, but the hand was not in a plastic bag.

The police believe the head belongs to a man in his 40’s with ‘salt and pepper’ hair, and somehow they believe him to be of Armenian descent.  The search is expected to continue through Thursday as authorities think that its likely the crime was committed elsewhere and the body parts brought to the site.  Police also think the likely explanation for the distance in parts is wild animals finding the body and walking off with different pieces.  Police are unsure if they will continue to find other parts of the same person.

*Update* TMZ is reporting that someone that was there when the head was found took a pic of the head with his cell phone and now has it up for sale to the highest bidder. (peet: unfortunately this site has yet to make a penny, so I won’t be the highest bidder)


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