The Hickey Will Give You Away Every Time

A teachers aide at a San Miguel, CA middle school has been arrested and charged with suspicion of unlawful sex with a minor.  It was the appearance of hickeys on a eighth grade boy’s neck that gave her away.

A teacher spotted 20 year old Sarah Drown, a first year teachers aide, walking with the student and made a mental note of it.  Later when she then saw the same student with hickeys she passed the info onto another school employee and questions began to get asked.

The boy, now 15, first insisted that an ex-girlfriend had administered the hickeys, but later admitted that Drown had given them.  The two began to see each other during after-school programs and he claimed they’d had sex together, consensually, several times dating back to last October.   He was told that sex as a minor with someone over 18 is illegal and he responded with, “The heart wants what the heart wants”.

Drown first tried to pass off everything as a school boy crush, then admitting to only kissing him and giving the hickeys and then finally came clean that she had sex with him.  Her claim is that it happened “only once” during the Christmas break when the boy was over at her house to watch a movie.  She claims it was a decision she regrets and that it happened only once.

She is on administrative leave and later this month will stand trial on four counts of statutory rape.

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