Move over, Jared

Christine Hall is a 66 year old law Librarian in Virginia, and she’s found the next big diet fad – eating at Starbucks. The 5’4″ Hall weighed over 200 pounds and had been rejected as a kidney donor because of her weight, so she decided to lose weight by eating exclusively at Starbucks.

Restricting her diet to as little as 876 calories a day in order to drop 2 pounds a week, Hall would start an average day with a 145 calorie breakfast of oatmeal and coffee, grab a bistro box of fruit and cheese for lunch (between 220 and 480 calories), and then a panini for dinner (between 340 and 460 calories).

She began tracking her calorie intake in May of 2010 and by November, she had dropped 40 pounds. Today she has dropped another 45 pounds, and was given the okay by doctors to partake in a 32-person altruistic kidney swap.

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Man Dies By Rats & Their Lack of Tact

An man in an Indian hospital (oh, that explains it) died from wounds suffered from rats that had chewed off his penis.  Arun Sandhukha, 53, had been admitted to the hospital for breathing issues and when his family came to visit a few days later they found him unattended and covered in blood.

He died a day later and is the latest in a long string of on-going issues with Indian public medial care.  Drunk doctors, hospital fires killing patients and now a rat infestation so bad that they are eating on the patients.

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