Man Shoots Self in Genitals

Tavares Donnell Colbert, of Oklahoma City, is a felon who isn’t supposed to have possession of any sort of firearm and if he’d just paid attention to that rule he probably would not have shot himself in the penis.

Colbert told police that he’d purchased a gun in Kansas and had decided he wanted to sell it.  On the way to a store parking lot, he stopped to make sure the gun worked properly.  While sitting in the car, the gun accidentally went off with the bullet hitting him in ween.  He panicked, went to the hospital and officials there called the police.  Tuns out that Colbert has multiple felony convictions, and he told police that when he realized that it was illegal for him to own a gun – he decided to sell it.

His injuries were not life threatening and he was medically cleared to go to jail.  He was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm.



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It Happened In Florida

The daughter of a Lealman, FL pastor is in critical condition with a gun shot wound to her head.

Hannah Kelly was accidentally shot on Sunday in Grace Connection Church while her boyfriend and two others were looking at a 9mm handgun and it went off.

One of the men is Kelly’s boyfriend, and he was interested in buying a gun.  He was in a closet with Moises Zambrana and another man inspecting the gun and working the safety when it fired.  The bullet went through the closet wall and into Kelly’s head.  The magazine had been removed prior to looking at the gun, but the owner had forgotten he had chambered a round and failed to eject it first.

Zambrana does have a license to carry, wasn’t breaking any laws and no charges have been filed.

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