Prom Queen & the Fake Cancer Scam

Angie Gomez is only 19, but she’s got an early start in life on lying.

Gomez starting telling her friends that she was suffering from leukemia starting in January 2011 and only had six months to live.  She even established a charity foundation called, “Achieve the Dream” and eventually raised $17,000 in donations to her cause.  She told everyone that her illness caused her to miss her senior prom, so in June 2011 her high school held another in her honor making her the queen of that event.

In that same timeframe police were notified that Gomez may be faking the whole story and began an investigation.  She was finally arrested Friday at her place of work after a warrant was issued.  Her family and lawyer insist that Gomez did in fact suffer from the disease as a child and only wanted to raise money for other children with the same affliction.

Gomez was jailed and bond set for $50,000

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It Happened In Florida

Lillian Gomez is a teacher of autistic children at Sunrise Elementary in Kissimmee, FL and she may have made a misstep in trying to get the kiddos to stop eating crayons.

Gomez put hot sauce on the crayons.

This, of course, caused outrage with parents as they cannot understand why a veteran teacher would take such an odd step with children who cannot really express themselves normally.  The hot sauce was traumatic enough that the children refused to touch the crayons for weeks. (peet:  I would like to put out that it obviously worked)

Gomez was suspended and removed from the classroom when district officials found out, but now there is pressure from parents for her to be fired.

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