You just witnessed sports history

Make no mistake about it, Germany’s 7-1 complete and total destruction of Brazil will reside as one of sport’s greatest, most unforgettable moments.  In no way could anyone reasonable anticipate that Brazil would lose in a World Cup semifinal, as the host nation – forget a scenario where they give up five goals in about 30 minutes.

Really, we were more likely to see Jerry Jones the Owner, fire Jerry Jones the General Manager.

The reality is Brazil had not been firing on all cylinders for a while.  The dirty secret is the current Brazil team was better at defending than attacking, something almost in itself unbelievable.  But it could be seen repeatedly throughout Brazil’s six World Cup games in the last 5 weeks.  Even with Neymar the team in yellow just wasn’t the fluid, pass happy, ball possession team we all think about when considering Brazil.  Nope, this Brazil was far more physical, direct and well, just not very Brazilian in style.  So when the team lost Thiago Silva, not Neymar, for the semi-final it should have been the bigger concern for the team.  Neymar was the star, it’s LeBron, and was leaning so heavily on the kid for attacking prowess, but it was Silva in the back who was organizing, captaining and making sure all was tidy in the back.  Losing both its key pieces to attack and defending was just too much – but it was the loss of Silva that allowed Germany to just push the Brazilian wall a little harder, and it all came tumbling down.

Brazil is out of the World Cup hosted in Brazil.  Brazil lost “SEVEN to ONE”.  It’s just too unimaginable to believe.

Two Words: Javelin Accident

A 74 year old, much loved judge at youth athletics has died while officiating the javelin event.

Dieter Strack died after being rushed to the hospital from his injuries he suffered after running out to measure a javelin throw by a 15 year old competitor.  Unfortunately Strack mis-timed his approach to the javelin as it had not yet landed and ended up piercing him through the throat.

Strack was a well known face at such events and organizers are devastated, “The popular and experienced sports judge was the victim of a tragic accident while carrying out his duties on Aug. 26.  All of us who were there are horrified and in shock”, the association said on its website.

The teen who threw the javelin is receiving psychological counseling

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