The Next Step After Rubbing Nose in Poop

76 year old Michael Stephen Stolz held police at bay for several hours this week in his Dallas area home.  Once he gave up he was arrested for the murder of his wife, Bernice.

Bernice’s employer began to worry about her after not reporting for work for several consecutive days and asked police to check on her.  When they arrived Stolz refused to let them in or answer questions, but they could smell a horrible odor emanating from the house.

The standoff latest five hours, and SWAT finally sent in a robot to scope out the scene where they found Mr Stolz laying unarmed on the ground and he surrendered without an incident.  They also found Bernice, dead on the kitchen floor with a gun shot to the head.

Stolz told police that he became very upset after the couple’s German Shepard pooped on floor.  It was a breaking point for Stolz who shot the offending dog, then the couple’s other dog (a Rottweiler) and then Bernice – who was screaming at the top of her lungs over his violence. Stolz told police he was going to also kill himself, but he’d “run out of bullets”.

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